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Hot Sauna

Malena and Elle get HOT in the sauna in this super-sexy photo series!

As Malena walks into the sauna, it’s easy to appreciate the perfect curves of her body. She takes a seat on the cedar bench next to Elle, who is waiting patiently.

The girls are good friends, but this is the first time they’ve ever shared a kiss. Malena moves in slowly and their lips brush gently together.

Elle can’t wait to explore Malena’s body. She dips one finger inside Malena’s mouth, wetting the tip on her tongue. Her hand moves lower, caressing Malena’s nipples and breasts before finally making it down to her pussy.

Elle feels the fullness of Malena’s puffy pussy lips with one hand, while lowering herself onto her knees to get a taste. Her tongue swirls around the outside first… teasing Malena. Malena spreads her pussy open with both hands as Elle fucks her with one finger.

Malena returns the favor, exploring Elle’s breasts and pussy with her fingers and tongue. Finally Malena lifts herself up and positions her pussy just above Elle’s face. She bucks wildly as her friend brings her to the peak of orgasm!

x-art ~ beautiful erotica.

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