Lesbian Handjob | Shino Aoi strokes Marie

Lesbian Handjob, Shino Aoi strokes Marie and it looks like Newhalf sex with two nude girls. Uncensored video from HandjobJapan.

A Lesbian Handjob, Shino Aoi strokes Marie and it looks like NewHalf Sex.

JAV super model Shino Aoi and French actress Marie put a new twist to the classic FFM threesome. They cleverly hide a boy below the sheets, reducing his presence to the bare essentials. Marie places herself on the hidden guy, placing his cock between her legs as if it would be hers. Shino, reacts relaxed, as if girls grow cocks all the time, and welcomes the new Shemale sensation with a lovingly Handjob. Finally, Marie takes back control and strokes herself until she comes on Shino´s waiting hand, giving her a tasty tidbit at the end of this surreal Lesbian NewHalf Handjob fantasy. … see more

Marie | Giving Head to Nine

Marie's Cum Filled Mouth Group Blowjob, uncensored cum fetish video from SpermMania.

Marie’s Cum Filled Mouth Group Blowjob

French Fellatista Marie feeds herself with nine cocks, consecutively sucking each one until her hungry mouth is filled with cum. A Group Cum Blowjob, as SpermMania, the studio behind this uncensored video labels this round dance of Blowjobs.  From the first sucking to the final drops, Marie offers her oral skills with pure devotion, taking care for any cock within her reach. … see more

Marie’s Bukkake | Facials for a Girl from France

Marie's Sticky Bukkake Facial, an uncensored SpermMania video with French girl Marie.

Marie’s Sticky Bukkake Facial

Beautiful Marie, also known as Melody Clark, a French guest star in the JAV scene, performs an exessive Facial Bukkake session as genuine as her Japanese sisters in sin.  All nude, the enchanting woman is pure devotion, receiving every drop of cum like a pearly gift.  The perfect fusion of Japanese Cum Fetish and French style. … see more