Reclining Nudes, Masturbating Girls

Reclining Nude with Drapery, Gustav Klimt, graphite, ca. 1912–13 (detail). A nude girl masturbates with wide spread legs. She fingers her pussy in front of the spectator.

Reclining Nudes, Girls in Fine Art, Jilling Off

The amazing online collection of the Met ( The Metropolitan Museum of Art), a cornucopia of art of all times, is not only a feast for the eyes. It also offers a sublime direction how to name the best things in life the most discreet way. A fine example are some of the reclining nudes and woman. What sounds like an after-work nap may indeed be an arousing image of a girl masturbating or two woman hugging nude in bed.

The next time your friendly neighborhood art historian says he/she needs to recline, show a knowing smile. … see more

Cunnilingus and groupsex at walmart. A fine art print of Plate 19 of De Figuris Veneris by Edouard-Henri Avril.
Cunnilingus and Groupsex at Walmart. A fine art print of Plate 19 of De Figuris Veneris by Edouard-Henri Avril.

Édouard-Henri Avril at Walmart | An Orgy for your living room

We were pleasantly surprised to find this fine print of a joyful groupsex orgy at Walmart. By offering this masterpiece of classic erotica, Walmart does not only shows support for an open-minded sex-positive lifestyle, it also offers an elegant and sublime way to show your guests your kinky side. The framed fine art Giclee print, offered as Ancient Times, Illustration of an Orgy, Plate 19 of De Figuris Veneris by Édouard-Henri Avril, comes with a framesize of  24×18 in. It’s yours for around 75 $, depending on the frame.

The next time your guests ask “What we gonna do?” just throw a long glance on your nicely framed orgy.

And let the Sin begin.